A cottage in the city

A cottage in the city

Oh boy oh boy. I have a new crush... on my apartment! We moved in on Wednesday flying in to Seattle from Minneapolis with only six bags between the two of us. As you can infer, we came here with no furniture, no bedding, nada. Not only that but we had signed the lease for this place based only on pictures and a good review from my cousin. Stressful! I hate not being able to choose and settle into my own nest! But as luck would have it we picked a great place. Things I love about our cottage:

  • crystal door knobs
  • cute windows with mulleins
  • a two story layout
  • little nooks and niches
  • enormous closets
  • three sides of windows that follow the sun throughout the day
  • oh and all the kitty cats that live in the complex!

And although I have been planning and budgeting for our decor all summer, I have whipped up a few final mood boards based on the reality of our space. I am using dark indigo throughout our cottage because I want the spaces to flow into one another, given that we only have 700 sq ft. Also because it will balance out all the "feminine touches" that I will undoubtedly go overboard on. Poor boyfriend.

Anywho, here are my boards and some "before" photos. The pure blank slate of it all is giving me goosebumps, you?

Living Room:


Photos by Ansel Santosa
Rain Boot Round Up

Rain Boot Round Up

Cute as a button

Cute as a button