A Designer with a Blog

A Designer with a Blog

Hi folks, I know it is January 15th, and my last post was... well, lets just move on. Because I don't even feel bad about it really. I've had a really full fall and winter. Busy busy bee. But not in a too many pointless appointments and paper work kind of way. A busy in a so many friends, special occasions, family visiting, and thoughtful design work kind of way. All good stuff. But being busy is not really all to blame for my lack of posting, because I have certainly found time to log back in and start quite the collection of half-written blog posts. In fact, there are a couple circling thoughts that have prevented me from hitting post.

Here are some of those things (Also, this is a very self-indulgent post and super wordy, so feel free to skim and look at the intermittent, and irrelevant photos) :::

Pumpkin patch this fall.
Pumpkin patch this fall.

1. Being totes profesh.

I have put most of my project and design energy into bathroom remodels for some lovely clients. First, know that it makes me blush to say "clients" because I can hardly believe that I am at a stage in life where I could have real clients and not just be giving my friends advice on where to hang their Eiffel tower posters in the dorms. But it is true, and it is so exciting, reaffirming, and totally terrifying all at once. I am going to work on building and solidifying a business, complete with LLC, here in 2015. So, in short, I haven't had much I felt I could share with you because the projects were not completed, and I didn't want to tell a story that wasn't all mine until we reached the end. But, good news! Just finished editing the final photos of one of the spaces and will tell you all about it in a jiff.

2. "The World of Blogging".

Now I kind of assume, that you read this blog because you are somehow connected to me in real life, but if you actually found me via diy/design blog channels than, most likely, you have already read plenty of introspective posts around the internet on the "state of blogging". Nonetheless, here is my interpretation. I started following design blogs back in freshman year of college when I was super depressed, and couldn't find anyone who shared my interests as voraciously as I did, and I was crushed that the university would not actually let me take classes in what I wanted to learn until I proved I could consistently show up for classes I didn't want to take. Basically I was just killing time until I could begin architecture studies, which I was convinced would be my heaven (spoiler: it was the opposite).

So, in an attempt to stop me from crying for a few minutes, Ansel showed me that there were "blogs" out there talking about interior design, trends and building things. The best part was they came to your internet mailbox everyday! Like an epic digital newspaper of customized content just for you. I started following blogs by the bundle. Reading with wrapt attention all the now "big names in blogging" and some smaller ones that have since fallen off the map. I sort of came in on the whole "blogosphere" at the cusp of a huge explosion for the medium. Now, it's refereed to as an "industry", and sometimes it really feels that way. So many blogs, racing to make the most money, have the most followers, be the perkiest, pair with the most sponsors (no matter how relevant), and churn out identical content as fast as possible. When I started reading blogs, I could identify between my favorites by just the style of writing. Now, I run into mimicry, thoughtless content and forced enthusiasm for materialism just way too often. And it bums me out.

Not that I am totally innocent from trying to be someone else's blog. When I first started writing my own blog, I recognize that I struggled with "finding my voice" (so cheesy), because I didn't feel I had original work I was proud of to share. We were living in a small rental apartment, which was adorable, but you know, didn't evolve much. So I wrote about other peoples interiors, or stuff that I liked, but mostly that I thought readers would like me for liking. I also couldn't find the right tone that felt honest. I read the gushing prose of other bloggers, and felt compelled to speak in the same way. Very lyrical, very much like ad copy for a spa. But somewhere in there I turned a corner, started writing more and more like how I speak, and had my own projects and process to speak about. Thank goodness. I also realized that I was never going to be a "blogger" in a career-making sort of way.

So then I would think things like this:

"Why do it?"

"All these "blogging tips" articles tell me I need to be on twitter every minute or there is literally no hope, and I don't wanna."

"There is no room or desire for me in the blog industry, bleh, industry"

"Some of my favorite design bloggers are writing sponsored posts about water bottle filters as if they are their new gods, and I am not a good enough actor for that."

"Bingley is soooo flufffffy!"

And it results in either an existential crisis or writers block.

3. A Goal.

All this was hard to overcome, and I couldn't really figure out what I wanted my place to be, and so I stopped and stepped back for a while until I could articulate for myself my goal for this blog. Here is what I have worked out:

  • "Bloggers" with a capital b, and the "industry", can be a big bummer. (This website is darkly cathartic though).
  • However, there are still blogs/people that I love, inspire me, and give me connection to other designers. Such as Lauren LiessLindsay StephensonA Country FarmhouseDream Book Design, and Bailey McCarthy (controversial, I know).
  • I had an epiphany. What all these blogs have in common, is that their design work and life come first. First in their hearts, and first in their job titles. Ohmygosh. It clicked. I don't want to be a design blogger. I want to be a designer with a blog. Boom. Maybe not mind blowing, but sometimes you need a catch phrase before things really sink in.


So with all that in mind, prepare for nothing to really change. Haha. I will still be writing too many words about overwhelming remodels, and probably too infrequently for the likes of some. But I am happy to now have my catch phrase, and to begin backing it up by peeking out into the world as a "bidness" lady and making other peoples places pretty. And then, of course, telling you all about it. I'm going to go sweat it out at the gym and then curl up in the sun with les chats. Toodles.

Queen Anne Bath: The Plan

Queen Anne Bath: The Plan