Aflutter 2.0

Aflutter 2.0

Hey Blog.

Thanks for waiting up for me. Sorry. I guess I needed a hiatus to finish up school and start out on this new phase of my life. Which is totally a cliche,  I know. But its true too.

Anyways, let me tell you some key factoids about what you have missed.

1. I graduated from college. It was terribly anticlimactic and sent me off into the “real world” armed only with the self determination I could muster myself (mostly fueled by a “they should have paid me” attitude). I’m not bitter, I swear...

But! Its not all bad. I can now officially tell people I studied architecture and scenic design in school, which makes me sound rather mysterious and educated. Also, when I say “I studied” rather than “I am in school for”, it allows people to be more at ease with me as they don’t fall into a “why do you have cloth napkins and two cats but are only in college... this is awkward” trap. Now people can assume I am whatever age (that isn’t 21) and are less concerned for themselves. I am no longer angstily bemoaning stupid educational dictations and the general public has a better time accepting my inner elderly. Its a win win.

Ansel just graduated too. Its nbd because he already has a fabulous job he loves... I try not to hate him and instead enjoy the benefits, like pride, peace and happiness at home.

... and a discounted gym membership from his health insurance :)

2. I have been to hell and back with my family, and we still love each other even more. They know it. I know it.

I won’t delve into the lowlights, but one of the *neon bright sharpie* highlights was a trip to France and a visit to NYC with my Mama. It was the best thing ever. Ever.

3. I designed and built 6 shows, worked on 5 productions, and designed at least 20 more for classes in a year and a half. Did you know that’s a lot? Especially since the majority were extracurricular. I don’t miss coming home at midnight or bearing the brunt of someone’s ego but I do miss that rapid fire of creativity and stewing in the design process. So as you can imagine I am hungry for design, work, and creative thinking, and I think I have a solution... I’ll tell you in just a sec.

4. Ansel and I celebrated 6 years of love and commitment with three big things:

We bought a car. (overly planned)

We drove that car to Whidbey Island for a romantic weekend getaway. (quickly planned)

The evening we returned from Whidbey we took in a second cat! (not planned at all!)

Our newest kitty is named Nox. He is pretty goofy looking. He is a “smoke” furred cat with a serious overbite and we can’t take a picture of Bingley and him at the same time because the high contrast blows out the camera, but we adore him and feel like he has been apart of the family forever. He really likes holding hands with his grippy little claws.

Nox and Bingley are best friends and brothers with a little romance thrown in there... its weird, we know, but the point is they complete each other :-)

5. I have a job too. It's one of those post-grad jobs where you never stop looking for something else. But in the meantime, it's just fine and I get a lot of visual inspiration from it. Where is my place of employment you ask? Well, I’ll give you a hint. When I work,  I ask “Are you an Anthro member?” approximately 100x a day. Lets just say the women in my life are pretty jazzed about the family discount.

6. And finally my solution to #3: We bought a house.

Now normally when I say that, my follow up depends on your reaction. But since I can’t see you, I will offer some options and you can choose what is best for you.

“Yeah! We are pretty excited. Its going to be great having our own place and using both halves of my brain in remodel.”

“Yes, I know. It is crazy. And expensive. But it is what I have always wanted to do. Think of it as experiential education rather than going to grad school. Does that make you feel better?”

“No, I am not 45 years old.”

“No, I am not getting married and having babies ASAP.”

“Oh my goodness, of course you can help paint and decorate! Just wait till the holiday party!”

I hope that covers it. I am really really really excited. And terrified. But mostly dying in anticipation to get in there! And then you know what happens?! Real remodel! Real design idea! Real photos! Real DIY. Me really sweaty. So I think this blog will not only be fun for you but a substantial tool in organizing and expressing my thoughts as we go along.

Wish me luck and welcome to Aflutter 2.0!

The "before party"

The "before party"

H&M Home

H&M Home