Ballard Bathroom Reveal, Revelations and Resources

Ballard Bathroom Reveal, Revelations and Resources

Ok ok. I'm doing this. I'm ready.  Well, I think so... Let me first admit that I have no idea what sort of words should accompany this bathroom reveal post, because I know you just wanna get to the goods, aka the photos, but I feel compelled to send the whole project off into the world with some oomph behind it. Or maybe behind me really. I am for sure one of those people that prefaces every story, project, suggestion with an apologetic and justifying preamble. But I am also pretty sure that's the point of design blogs... to pop your head in and be like "but wait, what you don't see here is..." ramble ramble. If you would like to just scroll ahead to the pictures that's fine, and maybe later while you are bored at work you can read all my inspirational thoughts.

1. I want to admit that I still don't love it with open arms and unbridled joy. Why? Because I know the story of every little detail, mistake, choice, and compromise. We had our ups and downs, this bathroom and I. But on top of that, it is a radical change, and that's scary. It kinda feels like someone left the wardrobe door to Narnia open, and every time I walk by that open door, I am shocked by a totally different world existing within the shell of my bathroom. I think I am afraid of the bathroom. But! I am so gonna get over it. And I think all your thoughts, inputs and witnesses to it will super help with that. Because I do love it actually. And if it has to be Narnia-eqsue, its totally a classy craftsman spa version.

2. I pride myself on being a very self aware person, perhaps even too aware sometimes. So it was kinda blew my mind when after it was all done and I was standing under our new rain shower (which I still stand under and lean my head forward, forgetting its a rain shower...) that this was a huge thing, accomplishment or whatever, for me. When I stood back and looked at the full finished picture I was freaked out.  "What!? This is permanent! This is for real! How did you just... "do it" with out a second thought about your capabilities? How did you not freeze up at every decision. Honestly, do you realize how much money you spent? Do you realize that this is the first space you have remodeled and designed from scratch? Who let you do this? Who!? I need to speak with them right away." Point is, its a big deal for me. This is why I bought the house. This is what I want to do, always. This is a process I love. And despite a bathtub full of nitpicking my own work, I am 100% self affirmed that this is what I should be doing. The end. Enjoy.

3. Although I may be the face of this blog, none of this could have happened with out the support, steadiness, and love of Ansel. He was there when I was making design decisions with as much eagerness and unconditional love as when we were working our little tails off for an entire weekend to finish it up. I just want you all to know that he is amazing and you should give him some credit too. And he is a master hex tile aligner. Just saying.

Now that' s all out of the way lets get down to business, and never fear, you can hopefully get all your questions answered, and some fun "in progress" shots in this post!

 Resource List



The Big Stuff:


  • Shower Curtain - already owned
  • Shower Curtain Hooks - Target, not listed online?
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Tray- Goodwill
  • Lantern - already owned
  • Plate- Goodwill
  • Basket - TJ Maxx? already owned
  • Q-tip Hedgehog - already owned
  • Goat Dish- random thing left in our old apartment
  • Bath Tub Boy - gift from Daddy
  • Stripe Frame - Target clearance section
  • Scallop Frame - Target clearance section
  • Wood Frame- Goodwill
  • Vintage Postcard - gift from Daddy
Fun Facts and "Behind the Scenes" Bathroom Edition

Fun Facts and "Behind the Scenes" Bathroom Edition

Open Houseing 3/14

Open Houseing 3/14