Ballard Kitchen Reno: Construction Cats

Ballard Kitchen Reno: Construction Cats

Living through construction is no fun. We managed pretty well considering our house is wee and if one room is a mess, the whole house is a mess. But what really caused me the most anxiety was worrying about our furry babies. They are indoor cats and it is one of my most potent nightmares that they will get out and get hurt. So I was constantly panicked that through the chaos of construction my kitties would get lost, harmed or even if they stayed safe and sound in the bedroom during the day that they would be unhappy and distraught. But they survived and were more often content than not, and same went for Ansel and I. So I thought that it would be fun to take a look back on my kitchen construction photos though the eyes of my spunky kittens. Yeah, it's corny, but (a) I had almost no photos that didn't have a cat appearance anyways, (b) although you may deny your love in-person, the internet proves y'all love cute cat photos, and (c) the love that they create is a huge part of what makes this house a home. So, let me formally introduce you to Bingley (fluffly) and Nox (fuzzy). Take it away boys.

A Kitchen Remodel As Told by Cats

Bingley: One day we helped packed up the kitchen.

Nox: My cabinet condo! I loved my hideaway...

Bingley: It was ugly.

Bingley: Then... kaboom!!!! There was smashing and crashing, and noises that shook the house. It was awesome.

Nox: It was a little loud....

Bingley: New stuff everyday! Had to explore it all. Had to conquer it all! My kingdom!

Nox: I guess it was kind of exciting. But also very dirty.

Bingley: I was ready to call it good, but the noisy days continued. Walls came down, and were rebuilt. Doorways were destroyed, shifted, and re-appeared.

Bingley: We weren't allowed to be out during all the good stuff. Ugg. I was so over just laying in bed. Booooring.

Nox: Bed? I love bed. I am going to go to bed.

Bingley: Each night we examined the progress. If it wasn't all inspected properly by me, there would have been a lot of problems.

Nox: I mostly stayed in bed.

Bingley: Oh yeah, and there was a dog. So not fair. She got to be in on all the action and it drove me crazy! I needed to be in the thick of things too!

Nox: Big dog. Scary dog. Bed bed bed. Cozy cozy cozy.

Nox: Finally the new cabinets arrived. They filled the whole kitchen and office. We were pretty scared they weren't going to fit.

Bingley: But slowly they came together and the kitchen really started to take shape. Plus, there was lots of new stuff to lay on.

Bingley: And then came the endless painting. Painting, always painting. At first it was interesting...

Bingley: ... but then I got bored....

Nox: The best part was when the base for the counter tops went in. Finally we could survey the landscape from a safe height.

Nox: With all this progress made, I thought we were nearing the end. But the construction just kept going. I just wanted my home back. But there was nothing we could do to speed it up. It just took time. So I just took to my bed.

Bingley: Once all the walls were painted and the cabinets went in, it really started to look like a kitchen.

Bingley: See? Kitchen!

Nox: Where?

Nox: Oh! In there!

Bingley: It felt like this mess was never going to end!

Bingley: Oh for Pete's sake, just pick a handle already. There was so much yammering about the cabinet hardware. But not as much yammering as there were tears about the counter tops. But that's a different story.

Nox: Near the end there was so much hustling and bustling to finish things up. Everyone went to bed exhausted at the end of the night. We wanted to get everything in tip top shape for the big reveal, and before my grandparents and their dog arrived. Almost everything was finished, just a few paint touch-ups left, when we welcomed them into the new kitchen after their long journey.

Bingley: Oh great, another dog.

Nox: After months of construction I was so wiped out, I just had to take a few days off and stay in bed.

Bingley: Me too. Scooch over. Make room for me.

Nox: Ok. Love you.

Bingley: *puuuurrrrrrrrr*

The end.

Check back tomorrow for our festive Christmas Eve kitchen reveal! It's gorgeous, it's bright, and it's all decorated for Christmas!

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