Bathroom Reno: The Inspiration

Bathroom Reno: The Inspiration

Well, we have moved in, the holidays and planned trips have passed so there are no more excuses! Its time to gut that bathroom! I have mixed feelings about it honestly. Half terror, half exasperation at it not already being done. You see, I can visualize our new bathroom so so clearly, that it is shocking to me that it does not exist yet. But for some reason I am more afraid of hacking into that space than I was say... buying the house. All the work we did on the floors was just sweat equity. Done. No problemo, not afraid. Butt thiiiiis project requires outside help and coordination. And given that I am a grumpy cat and don't really like people, its no wonder I haven't jumped in yet :)

Don't worry, I will fight through it. In fact, plumbers have been called for estimates, many tile stores have been visited, plans have been drawn up. It will happen! And so, it has come time to share my inspiration.

Good and Necessary: requirements for the new bath

  1. Materials, finishes and fixtures must be a tribute to the era of the house.
  2. The permanent elements must be gender neutral. This is the only bath on the main floor, and we don't want to turn off future buyers with our cute turned vanity legs or this faucet aka male anatomy tribute. (that said, I will be impermanently accessorizing with an eyelet shower curtain and the daintiest dam soap dish, sorry Ansel)
  3. Budget choices. Making smart purchases that are affordable to begin with, and are products that allow us to do as much of the work ourselves as possible.
  4. Water conserving. We aren't long shower people to begin with, despite our bountiful tresses, but I want to make the toilet and shower much more earth friendly. Plus, in Seattle at least, that is a selling feature.
  5. Logical layout. The fact that this is on the list proves just how bad it is now.

The Inspiration

My dad gave me this little guy out of his collection of many eclectic do-dads, to which I have always given a critical curatorial eye. So, shh, lets not talk about it, it will make him too happy, haha. In fact, it is probably already too late. Its pure presence on my blog will be enough to merit a victorious phone call. Love you Daddy.

So back to the "inspiration". Im pretty sure I got my degree in pictorial research and concept building. Because honestly that's what I did everyday for every project ever. And I did love that part. As a designer I found myself needing both evocative and "hard" research. When designing a costume for a fallen angel, I bounced back and forth between images of wisps of smoke and construction details of punk jewelry. You need both, one to push you into the abstract, and one pull you back into something possible to execute. That push and pull is a filtering process to isolate the few elements that will create an instant story out of ordinary things.

Woah, who wrote that? Booooring. Point is I am looking to emulate the simplicity, traditional construction, whimsy, colors, porcelain, and peaceful joy of both my inspirations....

The Board

Floor tileWall tileVanitySconce, HooksArt

Tada! Well, "tada" I compiled my main elements in a board, not "tada" I finished the bathroom, I wish! So there ya go. Hopefully it will be achievable. Next up, the plans and model!

Bathroom Reno: The Plan

Bathroom Reno: The Plan

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Our Digital Christmas Card