Beacon Hill Bath: The Result

Beacon Hill Bath: The Result

Before we jump straight into the pretties, we need to take a super brisk walk through the construction phase...

As you remember from part one, this bathroom needed to be taken down to the studs! Voila!

I think everyone was a little worried there might be mold issues behind that old plaster, but it was all good! But we did learn that the walls were definitely not square. Not a big surprise, but one corner of the room was a few inches wider than the other, which is a pretty big deal. The contractor re-framed the wonky wall, which makes it all better for plumbing, tiling and life in general. But it had the ripple effect of causing us to loose a few inches of floor space, which is too bad. (Side bar: Seattle is the squishiest. I follow a lot of designers who are always working on these big, spacious baths where they can fit upholstered furniture and 6ft mirrors in there. And I want to be like "Yeah, nice velvet louis chair for that vanity, but I dare you to tackle one of these Seattle babies, I just dare you". Seattle is the bittyest. End rant.)

Once the walls were all worked out, dry wall started to go up and the shower wall was framed out. I spent a while working out the best layout and pattern repeats for the super beautiful greek key floor border.

The corner pieces needed to line up perfectly, so we snuck in a few extra rows of the tiny tiles in the pattern to stretch it out a little.

And then one day my client texted me this photo and we were all very excited. Tile done!

At that point I was very impatient and couldn't wait for it to all be as pretty as that tile. But we had to wait a rather long while for all that other stuff to be installed, you know like a toilet and sink and silliness like that. Lucky for you, you do not have to wait any longer for the final result! Just one more sentence!

One more before photo to really create some shock value:

Ok ready.....!

We had the contractor paint this vanity the perfect shade of gray. When sourcing, I just couldn't find a vanity the right shade of gray, with the right styling for the right price. So we decided to buy this one, and make it our own. I love this vanity because the trim work wraps around the sides, which is so important when that is the first thing you see when you walk in. And it has great legs, who doesn't want that :)

Just take a minute to appreciate how delightful that rolling shower door is. Pricey, but is totally a highlight of the room. Pretty swoony.

Oh that gorgeous medicine cabinet? Yes, I did purchase that brand new, never been used medicine cabinet by Restoration Hardware on Craigslist for almost half the price. Yes indeed.

I highly recommend buying pretty pumps for your shower products. You really don't refill them very often (trust me, I have a looooot of hair), and they make you feel shmancy.

I am super jealous of that original door and knob!

Kinda a crazy difference right? I know that when I look back at photos of our old bathroom, I can barely remember it, even though we lived with it for almost a year. But the new space just feels right and so its almost impossible to recall what it actually was like to be in the old one. And I know my clients feel the same way about their new bathroom.

One last little thing. I asked for the construction team to save a bit of the original floor tile for a little sentimental shadow box (which weighs 10lbs because that tile has a 2 inch concrete backing, but still cute!)

So that's a wrap, folks. Thanks for reading, and thank you to my warm and very patient clients who can finally enjoy their new space and cuddle their kitties in a construction-free home :)

Resource list:

  • Trim color: "Super White" by Benjamin Moore
  • Wall color: "Phillipsburg Blue" by Benjamin Moore
  • Vanity color: "Vintage Pewter" by Benjamin Moore
  • Vanity: Overstock
  • Faucet: Pfister
  • Sconces: World Imports
  • Floor border tile: Merola Tile
  • Shower Kit: Moen Kingsley in chrome
  • Decorative accessories: Target, Home goods, and thrifted
  • Pressed four leaf clovers: A gift from my Daddy :)
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