Bummer City

Bummer City

You know that wonderful feeling of bubbly surprise when you wake up and glance out the window to see the first snow? Gosh its so beautiful. Your yard is suddenly a winter wonderland. Everything is fresh, soft and glittering. Siiiiigh. Now imagine you look out your window and the worst has happened!

....Your neighbors have painted their house the color you wanted.

GAH! Yes, it is true. the neighbors have totally foiled my plans. And these were not just plans. These were practically DECISIONS. Remember how confident I was about the superiority of dark gray and white trim? When I got around to it it was going to be glorious!

Like this beauty, complete with cheerful bright door:

Consequently, there was much woe around here.

Which brings me to... The 5 Stages of Grief - Designer Angst Edition

1. Denial- Maybe that's not actually paint, it could be some serious mold killer, right? Maybe they are just painting the garage. I am pretty sure that is not the color they intended and are going to march back to the paint store and demand something totally different.

2. Anger- What the heck! Did I not call dibs?! Oh my god.... they read my blog. Ah hah! They totally read my blog and thought to themselves "that girl is a genius, we must rain on her parade before she takes over the world".

3. Bargaining- Dear Santa, if i am really good this year will you please send some elves to repaint my neighbors house?

4. Depression- All consuming laser focus to find new, better color scheme by driving endlessly around neighborhood.

5. Acceptance- Yeah, whatever.

So back to square one, although very kind friends try to convince me that the house next door is "practically brown", and if we went with a cool gray it would not look like an uncomfortable twincident.

But no matter what.... I WAS RIGHT! Vindicated. That house looks waaaay better, right ?



If only the world knew it was my idea all along... If only.

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