Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

Listen, I know full well that buying or remodeling a house isn't "easy" for a bazillion reasons. But as I sit here on my bed, holed up with my kitties as my house is getting ripped apart I am kinda thinking "Woah, that was waaaaay too easy." I swear I feel like all I did was say "yes" a few times and now look what happened! Haha. But I am loving it.

In truth we have been planning this remodel for 8 months, and have spent the last two doing countless hours or research, scouring, shopping and prepping. But the destruction of demo has been so dramatic that all that has flown out of my mind. Ahhhh!

9am                              12pm                              3pm

Its immensely satisfying. No regrets. But... you know when you struggle and fight with a jar lid for what seems like forever and then the next person to try pops it off in a second? Yeah, it was kinda like that for the first 3 hours. For example, as I watched the contractor's assistant carry out the entire sink vanity with only one arm, all my frustration and disgust with the bathroom came to slouch on me uncomfortably. Because, *poof*, its fixed... but, wait, no one understands how obnoxious it was... I swear!

And then the ceiling came down and I was over it.

Lets talk about that ceiling, shall we?

We did know it was a dropped ceiling, because it was obviously a shorter room than the rest of the house, but Ansel and I assumed (for the sake of the previous owners) that there was a sane and necessary reason for it (major pluming? damage?). So with that, and our budget in mind we didn't plan to rip it down. But after salvaging all the drywall he could, our contractor decided that repairing the walls and ceiling would be more trouble that re doing it. So down it came. And guess what? No reason for the dropped ceiling.

Which meant I needed to make a major decision. $600 and a day extra work to finish the space to the original height, or keep it as is. Obviously I knew what I wanted. But I didn't want to be hasty. So I called Ansel at work, and in his calm level headed way told me to go for it! YAY! He also did some math and said it would add 10% more volume to the space. And statistics always make me feel better.So there. Its gonna be dramatic:

Oh hey attic! Just had to share that picture for the shock value. Never fear, the ceiling will return.

Also, with the space opened up I felt so vindicated! "Hah ha! Our bathroom was plenty big, told ya so!" I made this little graphic to illustrate how much more standing/walking space there will be! The dashed line is the door swing.

So in a rare moment of sincere counting of blessings for me, here is what I am grateful for at the close of day two:

  1. Despite all my hyper vigilant imagining of the worst case scenarios, there was no hidden black mold, rot, dead bodies, sparking wires, or polaroids of hookers (like in Emily's house) when all was torn open.
  2. Quietest demo ever (or maybe I had the lowest expectations, see #1). This is great because my kitties are in the one room with a door, which happens to share a wall with the bathroom. Both of them seem to be relatively content laying on the bed rather than cowering in a corner. However, they are certainly not questioning the wisdom of staying in the bedroom.
  3. That we hired help. Yeah, we are still going to do plenty ourselves, but look at that business. That's serious business. It's hard to let go of the money but I'm becoming more and more confident that this is a project Ansel and I could'nt have done as well, or even close, on our own. So fine, maybe I won't be moving  wall studs on my own in my remodeling career, but I am still learning what can be done and what it takes, so I will be able to make the best design decisions and maximize the help I do need. Duh!

And with that, I need to poke my head out and see what else is new in there! But I'll leave you with these precious, precious memories... *sings "memoriiiiiieeees"*

Open Houseing 3/14

Open Houseing 3/14

Thrifting Victory

Thrifting Victory