Fun Facts and "Behind the Scenes" Bathroom Edition

Fun Facts and "Behind the Scenes" Bathroom Edition

I'm am so overwhelmed and flattered by the response to our bathroom reveal yesterday!

Thanks guys! But I am kinda feeling like I need to write something more substantive than my anxiety filled personal growth reflections, so I asked my cousin (who is a semi-pro problem solver) to brainstorm some questions she would want answered if I was hypothetically interviewed about the bathroom remodel process. But then I decided it was more fun if the interview wasn't hypothetical. So I am responding to her questions right here right now, with out her permission haha. Thanks Becky! I have also mixed in some unedited "in progress" photos, which is always funsies. If you have any other questions I don't touch on here, by all means, let me know!

BN: Tell me about the lights over the sink. They seem the most "daring" of the choices.

SS: Uhhhh... Well, back when I was making the concept board I tried lots of different lights. And I found that I was really bothered when the light looked like a specifically "bathroom" light. You know? Like it couldn't be a perfectly acceptable pendant or sconce anywhere else. And then when I found these, I knew I loved the texture, and a little bit of sparkle with out being chandelier-esque. Don't want to scare the menfolk too bad. I also enjoyed that they brought in a bit of black high on the wall to connect to the tile on the floor. It just felt right when I popped it in to the board. Plus. I did my research so far ahead of time that by the time I needed to purchase they were on sale. Bingo. What I didn't know was what a pretty lacey pattern they would shine on the walls at night! Oo la la.

BN: Cost breakdown?

SS: I'll tell you over happy hour sometime :) But you can also check out my resource list at the bottom of the page her, to get a good idea of the prices of all the external stuff. All the construction costs and what not would be different in someone else's house.

BN: How many days were you sans toilet?

SS: None! Well, no nights sans toilet. The contractor graciously put our toilet back on every night. Even when it was down to the studs and the ceiling was gone. Hello scary attic in the middle of the night! I was so thankful, because I think I have a serious over active bladder problem, and have biweekly nightmares about unusable toilet scenarios, seriously, I do. During the day, however, I had to strategically go on errands at the right times and not drink so much water.

BN: Does the window open? Did you install an exhaust fan?

SS: Yes, and it even has a screen so the kitties can enjoy a new perspective up there. Also the contractor framed out the window to match the rest of the house's molding in a plastic wood look alike. It took paint really well and won't ever get soggy from the shower. And yes to the fan. It even has a timer do dad by the switch plate, which Ansel requested. He loves it.

Ansel: (calls out from bathroom) "Hey honey?"

Me: "Yeah?"

Ansel: "I am gonna turn the fan on for exactly 15 minutes!!"

Me: "Uhh... cool. I'm so happy for you."


BN: Was tiling hard? I know there's gazillions of how-to videos, but I'm so anal about geometry it seems like a daunting activity.

SS: The actual physical process of tiling, not so hard. Although, the first two days we used a tile scorer and a nipper, and waited for the third day to rent the wet saw. But I think next time I will just rent the wet saw for the whole time. The actual hard part of tiling was planning how all the tiles were going to wrap around and line up given all the different levels created by that box on the side of the tub. We made all of our mistakes in that department. I had sort of a 3 day crisis when there was a half inch to an inch gap between the tub and the tile on two sides. I totally panicked. But there was no going back, and everything else was working out so nicely. While buying more grout I happened to walk by these tiny black accent tiles, and felt such relief immediately. Long story short Ansel was a hero and my rock and we got through it, and now there is a funky cool accent band at the bottom of the shower. I think it looks more original when there are eccentricities. Don't burst my bubble.

BN: It looks like you didn't go with a pocket door.

SS: Yeah, it turned out the space was perfectly big with out it, plus it would have been so pricey. Next house though.

BN: You did the little bureau, right? Like, got it at goodwill and made it work? How do you get the sink top to match the bureau dimensions?

SS: Actually the whole unit including sink is from Ikea. In the store they usually show it with a flat counter. But that little lip is just so perfect for the period of our house. I knew that for the price, I couldn't fin anything better. But I am glad that it looks like a piece of furniture, or a washstand. That's perfect. I purposely wanted the board and batten wall treatment to continue behind it so it felt more floaty, and less stuck to the wall. Oh and I switched out the hardware. I want to use those little glass knobs on everything. They are the best.

BN: Why the double shower head thingy? Do you have a use in mind for the detachable sprayer thing?

SS: It's totes necessary. Both Ansel and I have wild thick fluffy hair. We both need to get it soaked every morning to tame it and, in my case, turn frizz back into ringlets. Until now we have always stuck our heads under the tub spout. Not anymore. Living in luxury over here!

BN: The other things are more generally bafflement: How the heck are you so good at deciding stuff and finding good deals?

SS: That is very nice of you to say.  I am not good at deciding things I haven't done unimaginable hours researching or synthesizing in the back of my mind. What looks like wasting time to the outside world, and definitely to me too quite often, is me learning, scouring, researching inspiring new images, products, dreams, people, spaces, fabrics, places, and everything in between. I might not have a purpose yet, but I am gathering "supplies". I study every day, every hour. So when I come across something I can decide for myself if it is a good deal, fits my vision, and why because of all that seemingly pointless research. Although articulating that "why" is sometimes the hardest thing in the world. Basically, I just spend a lot of time looking sorting through things to find the right piece for me.

Was that at all interesting? I hope so. Wishing you a sunny bunny weekend. Mwah.

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