Kitchen Remodel Wishlist

Kitchen Remodel Wishlist

When I am having a bad day, Ansel, as any good boyfriend will, asks sweetly what is wrong. This is probably the most challenging question for someone like me, someone who thinks/extrapolates/plans/analyzes/panics at about 100 miles a minute. I wish I could say "the f*%#ing sink is leaky and if only it could be fixed then I could be set to rights". What a relief that would be. But noooo, that would be too easy. Usually I am stupefied, choking for air trying to gather all the hundreds of "wrong things" into one answer! Luckily, I have the most amazing guy and he repeatedly Heimlichs the stress out of me until we can sort it out.

Ok, that got gross. What's the takeaway?

  1. I can really be a drama queen in my own mind
  2. Sometimes I have so many answers to a simple question that it is impossible to answer!

Pretty sure my kindergarten stutter was a result of my little lips not being able to keep up with my rushing mind. Finger painting can be stressful.

So when you casually ask "What are you going to do to the kitchen?," I will probably faint.

In an attempt to prepare for such an assault, I am writing this post discussing the major kitchen plot points. Settle in, get cozy, get a snack and prepare yourself for buckets of words as I list all the "wrong things"


Choice 1: Inset or mounted cabinet doors.

Well, I find inset doors more attractive and they seem give new cabinets some instant heritage, but they are twice as expensive as your average cabinet... sooo... that wasn't much of a decision. Hopefully we can consider that option down the road in what Ansel dubs "the kids house," aka where we will settle in for a long haul and raise the childrens.

Choice 2: Ikea or semi custom.

Have not made a decision on this yet. But here are the factors; the kitchen is a weird layout. This is not a simple galley kitchen where Ikea cabinets claim victory. For proof, look at this amazing Ikea kitchen that one of my fave bloggers recently did in her home. Yeah, I am pretty jealous too, but our kitchen is an awkward box with a door in every wall. Having already played with the Ikea kitchen design tool online, I realize that their sizes might not fit with much efficiency in our kitchen. Another factor is that our kitchen is 9ft high. Which I am sooo not complaining about, but what it means is that to make the most of the space, we need really tall upper cabinets. Or in Ikea's case; stacked cabinets. Which I don't think is a normal thing for them, but I'm not sure. So the big question is; will buying two layers of cabinets from Ikea actually come out cheaper than buying one layer of (higher quality, pre assembled) semi custom cabinetry? It's complicated.

Ikea Kitchen

Choice 3: They are going to be white.

There is no choice. That is what is happening.


I love the look of soapstone. Is it out of our budget? Can I/should I get honed black granite instead? If I have learned anything from HGTV, it is that people who buy houses literally die for granite. And it doesn't seem to matter if it looks like vomit. If its granite, it's a feature. So if we go with (honed black) !*granite*! do we get a better return, plus a smaller cost?



Stainless or paneled? I would really prefer a paneled refrigerator and dishwasher. There is no room for a significant run of unbroken cabinets in our space no matter what. So a visual break up of what little cabinetry we have with chunks of stainless will just be messy and probably hurt your eye balls. Also, a kitchen designer I spoke with pointed out that stainless is quite a price jump from a regular white refrigerator, so applying cabinet paneling to one of those could come out to be the same or cheaper as the premium on the stainless finish. As for the range? I really don't care. I like to cook, but I'm not a professional and seem to be cleaning the stove top and its many coils more than it seems I cook on it. But the house already has gas, and that's another punch item for buyers so I guess gas it is?


I really love the look and character of latches (as seen in the first image) but I think they only make sense on inset cabinets :( So I am going to go with my runner up (and greater crowd-pleaser): glass knobs! They fit they age of the home, don't add distracting dark bulk and are sparkly. And sometimes you just need some sparkle.

That's the end of my thoughts! Did you make it through? Did you survive?  Is that only because you are my mother? Well thank you anyways!

I am going go now and bury my face into a kitten tummy because I kind of feel like this:

Home Tour: Bedrooms

Home Tour: Bedrooms

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Home Tour: Kitchen