Smarty Pants: BHLDN New Years

Smarty Pants: BHLDN New Years

Happy New Years Eve! You may have noticed I have, unintentionally, taken the week off from blogging. The week before christmas was a rush! And Christmas with the whole family and little ones this year was so special but so exhausting. Oh and then there was that whole stomach flu thing... Long story short, I took a holiday break but am back and refreshed for the new year.

For this New Years Eve smarty pants special I have found my inspiration from BHLDN. Everyone loves BHLDN (Anthropologie's wedding brand) right? Right. But until my actual wedding, where I will carefully select only essential pieces, no actual purchasing is in sight. Soo expensive, but such good eye candy!

This ensemble caught my eye, first, because of the exquisite detailing on the sweater and, second, its juxtaposition with the shining silk skirt.



 I love texture of the knit, the sparkle of the belt and the sheen of the skirt all together. It is a creative combo that can be played up for drama, as BHLDN did, or toned down for a subtle sophisticated party ensemble as in my look. Not to mention the ridiculous savings of almost $1000. But we all knew that it was just inspiration right? :) Lets instead dwell on the loveliness of this smarty pants interpretation!

Mmm, don't you love the champagne shade for New Years? I sure do.

Hope you all sparkled at your soirees this evening!

Sassy Brass

Merry Christmas One and All

Merry Christmas One and All