Georgie Bridal Mini-Architecture, Interior and Branding

Customized 1/12 scale dollhouse bridal shop. Built around original concept character; Georgie Willows. Inspired by classic east-coast design details, contemporary prep culture, and professional bridal consultant experience.


Georgina Willows, or Georgie as her friends call her, was raised by her Grandmother in a 200 year old robins egg blue row house in Georgetown, DC. While her parents lived out their ambassadorial careers abroad, Gram taught Georgie all the most important things in life; to always make time for tea, how to wear pearls with pajamas, having a passion to learn but never to be taught, and that love should be celebrated everyday.

After the traditional birthday crepes in bed, Georgie marked her 21st birthday with the purchase of a little shop front on Gram's favorite shopping street in the heart of Georgetown. Together Gram and Georgie built a sweet little bridal boutique that showcases gowns both crisply youthful and antique inspired. And always serves tea with cream and sugar.

Each day Georgie (with her signature bow in her hair) opens the shop, welcoming brides to celebrate themselves, their love and, of course, the delight of playing dress up. Later, when it suits her and her pomeranian, Chutney, Gram will stroll in with a fresh bouquet and stories of her one true love which always enchant the customers.

Rain or shine, Georgie is a shop full of light and fancy from open to close.


Georgie Is // Georgie Isn't

preppy //  bohemian

polka dots // plaid

polish // patina

lilacs // roses

boutique // emporium